IWOOHOME started as an industrial design firm, has been transformed into a household and gift brand. Now we design and make our  product in the first Watertown China- Suzhou. We believe that through design, we can inject our thoughts and feelings into products so as to  make the product alive.  Our ambition is to create timeless and functional designs that make everyday life a bit more beautiful.

From our Suzhou studios, our in-house team designs exclusive collections you won’t find anywhere else.

Design philosophy

Our products need to have a purpose, meet our consumers needs and be functional. We believe in simplicity and Scandinavian minimalism.

We believe that shape and function must create a synthesis that embodies innovative and different ideas in regard to concept, design and materials.

We live and believe in less is more.

This design philosophy is the key to iwoohome's success and includes four main categories:

- Timelessness
- Simplicity
- Functionality
- Innovation


Scandinavian design heritage
We wish to continue the Scandinavian design heritage. Not by dwelling in history and tradition for the sake of it but use it as a source of inspiration and by refining and developing this unique design heritage.

Innovative approach
We do not wish to follow any ones footsteps, but walk our own. Our program should signify a new and innovative approach to product design within its category.

Distinct quality
We wish to create products in a distinct quality . Our products should not be compromised in terms of quality whether in aesthetic quality, functional quality or physical quality.

Tickle the design gene
The products we make should tickle the design gene, it should be interesting and appealing and give the user added value.


li xingxing
Design Director & Senior Industrial Designer

He is a thoughtful and passionate leader who loves to design beautiful objects that carry emotional stories. He chose to pursue a degree in industrial design to make life better for people. His work has spanned a wide array of industries from consumer electronics to furniture/lighting.